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Listen yourself and those who understand money, not anyone else. That is something what Tai Lopez told me, mute people who not understand money. Also I read beautiful quote from Poor Charlie Almanack, I don’t remember who said this but, your right because your calculations etc is correct. I listened my mother and I went bias. She was excellent option to that I need to purchase those book, but I have very limited amount money. It’s breaks little bit my defense. My Babylon, you should read The Richest Man in Babylon, I love idea how that book describes money. Yeah those money which now in those books was like soldiers, they attacked. I need of course learn more, and those books are gems too and maybe elevate my game. As you see, I getting confinent because I have knowledge in my head. But I don’t know how to run business, never did. There’s also the book which describes as pics how business works. Lol, I get suggestions of Ukko for Google when I typing that text, it’s an accounting firm. My friend said that I need to collect bottles, berries.. I think that is putting down.. it’s sad because I trusted him. And when my therapy get over, I understand he manipulated me. … Well I am lonely too at now. I gave my phone number to the Rose-Pussy.. she thought that if she gave my her pussy, I get mad because she is polyamorous and don’t like committed by just one person. I am not sure what I am.. I am maybe both.. I thought that is more that I am old fart.. when I was young there is the church which influenced by folks, me too, monogamous relationship is highly marketed by the church. Also a film industry. Social proof bias and authority bias.. the 25 gognitive bias by Charlie Munger.. it’s a norm to be monogamous.. monkey see, monkey do, this is how a social proof tendency, bias works.. every body get married.. but yeah being the second is not so romantic thing.. my ex-wife was woman who made me her number one, and that feels warm and I feel I was loved too.. but yeah I think I am little bit both.. I am very sexual and I am also very romantic.. but I need to chase money.. or doing my place where the cat loves to live.. and maybe one day that cat sitting my lap. Also chasing orgasm in sex is a good way to destroy your sexual experience, it’s better to think that you need consentrate having pleasure and collecting it in very big balloon which not popup.. in this kind thinking you will experience great sex.. it’s how tantra gurus having sex..

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