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I put here the book what you must read and it is Bounce. I will read it when I get money. I don’t eat my defense soldiers to this. You need soldiers to defense you, there is always the time when the enemy will attack, when the rainy day will come. I highly recommended you to get book called The Millionaire Next Door, it is very good book and gives you the sight how you can be millionaire too or what we wanna be, multi-billionaires. We need big dreams, like Elon Musk have and trust those dreams comes true. The ultimate goals.

At now I listening book called The Intelligent Investor, you need read and listening a lot, I think, because you getting wiser and brain-activities makes your brain stronger. You need six-packs in your brain. I learned a lot by Tai Lopez, you should listen him too.

But yeah, I think that the poverty is also the state of mind. I need stick my brain the multi-billionaire mind-set. Thinking that I am now multi-billionaire. Just like I startet to thinking that I have a girl-friend and I put it on my wall a note, which said me: “You have a girl-friend!”. And guess what? It takes about three months and I have it. My mind-set changed and I started to acting towards that goal. I saw with my inner eyes her and everyday I get closer that goal, and last summer I met a girl, and we have a short relationship. Also I put on the wall a note “Your have a six-pack, your are in the perfect condition, your are the Black Ninja!”. And I am, those helped. But 0 money to 100 billion? From the poverty to the riches?

You need change your habits, generating money skills, read books, get the knowledge, thinking if you are like me who always love doing sports, and realize that, you need to do habits your sport activities. Same becomes the wealth, the money, you need to generate habits, skills which helps you to accumulate a wealth, a money from your a bank-account.

And there is a great book called Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek. I found here some chemistry what you need to maintain a good mood to achieve more money. You need feel that you are in safe. The eliminate the outer threat. Cortisol is the enemy also. We need to be feel being in safe. Also great book is Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect by
Matthew D. Lieberman. Here the take a way is surround yourself people which increase oxytocin, a well-being hormone, some people emit you a cortisol, so avoid those toxic people and cut them off. Your brain feel better then and yourself too. And yeah, that book tells also that you need teach if you need to learn deeply what you study. I studied everything about alcoholism and I teached(helped) each other from somewhere in the internet. I think that is why I am strong with what comes from addictions and expectantly of alcohol-dependence. When I study everything and share my knowledge I get sober. And then I tested that my recipe to nicotine and valium and they just are like piece of cake when I found the key how to beat the alcoholism.

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