How to make webpage. You need host, I use SiteGround, and you need a domain, which one I use is: NameSilo. Those are com-ended sites and those are best in my opinion. You need buy something but you get value of your money. Free domain and free host are too slow. There is also free stuff but I really recommend those.

And next you need use wordpress. And I recommend you to watch YouTube videos to how to make webpage. And those videos of wordpress plugins are also necessary. There’s also wordpress templates which you can buy, there’s marketplace in internet. I my self found free templates, but your need buy if you wanna value. You can test free stuff but.. I also recommend Canva to doing photoshop… But it’s also not necessary free but your can get free stuff.

My site is not safe because I don’t have that padlock on my site. It is SSL certificate. You can fix it for free in three months. SSL certificate is which you put on YouTube and you get introduction how to. If you not do this, people who comes your site, they would get warnings that your site is not safe. Maybe that SSL certificate comes easier in future but now you need little bit geeky stuff and become little bit nerd. But you will found in YouTube introduction how to… If I remember correctly, type: “free SSL certificate”.

Oh shit, I fantasizing to being a pet for Redhead. And I told that for her. She told her pet cat and asked have I got any pets. I answered, just me. And it ended up to my fantasizing to be her pet.. it is metaphor also.. I don’t know..

I also remembering Rose-Pussy, can I be shared of many girls or being with just one. I get bias if I think that there is many girls or it’s typical my personal trait to be little bit scared. It is frustrating that scarcity.. I know it is my reptilian brain which activated. Procrastination.. being afraid of consciousness (what will happen if I do that) of something what does not exist, only in my mind.. oh no my English, word of ‘afraid’ and word of ‘consciousness’.. you scared something what you do not know, exist that or not.. it’s reptilian brain function.. it’s frustrating.. if I meet Rose-Pussy I deal with my horrors.. ;D lol.. if I meet Redhead I will end up being a pet. I love being my comfort zone. I feel being thread if I entered outside of my comfort zone. I need just do it.. what Dan Peña says: “just fuckin do it!”. I need do more and enter in that “danger zone”.. I also afraid sex party which where I purchased a ticket. Now I also have situation to think.. that Redhead feels very sweet. It’s concrete thing.. I get connection yesterday with her, which feels very beautiful.. becoming her pet.. oh no.. or oh yes.. or need I escape.. also here is Latino girl.. and that Swimmer.. She spoke very bizarre things yesterday.. also there is a student who wants learn from how to deal with women, but she doesn’t speak with me yesterday anymore.. so that Redhead is something. Also I thinking in an opportunity cost, is there is better to be without woman.. at now it is sweet silence. No stress. Being a pet or not to be, that is the problem.

Yeah, there is a book called The Paradox of Choice..

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