Warrior spirit

roar! I am back! I think there’s no one who follow me. So honest review about me, I am post-op transgender woman, I don’t like labeling myself anything on gender spectrum, I think I am also other, two-spirit, kind a shaman.. I don’t know… My power animal is a wolf. A lone wolf.

Maybe you are super lucky if you find this, or I am becoming super brave and strong I could tell I have this kind site. I am totally self-made, skin change snake.. I don’t remember who said you should be like snake and change your skin or die. Maybe he was Dostoyevsky.. I am pretty sure about that.

Tai Lopez is the man who changed my life and he will change yours too. I highly recommend the 67 steps. It really could change your life, it’s not rich quick scheme but it was one of the best decision what I did. I becoming money making machine.. Unstoppable.. And you will too. You need health, wealth happiness and love. If I remember him list. This is my list also..

The basic idea is thinking that you are a super hero. You need, Tai Lopez calls them pillars, 1. Health 2. Wealth 3. Happiness 4. Love .. I think I put here spirituality and literature, poetry.. I think I am kind a worrier, I am best condition when I am well stabilizated, no stress.. If you really want know how to make money. Tai Lopez is the number one in the world. He is really a gem, the badass. You don’t learn anywhere in the world things what he teach. You can also freely follow my thinking.. … I am a very introvert.. I don’t like being in the spotlight, so I express my self on writing.. I am very tight spot at now. My spiritual animals are threaded, a lone wolf, a rawen. Sometimes I feel dragon inside me.. and a tiger. But when I really fighting mode my wolf, a lone wolf goes help me. There’s also maybe my ego called as doberman, kind a super hero is Tony Montana inside my heart too, it’s kind power creature when I enter world where I scaring alot. I go towards the hell. I will take those fucking bullets.. If you wanna play with me, you need fucking army. It’s really badass character. Al Pacino also said that when he was Tony Montana he became fearless. Also I love women so I am also love being kind an old school gentleman, business person. Also I have got softy woman side too.. I admiring nowadays specially younger women, I want worship them, lick their flower, and make them grow like a phoenix in the ashes. I love performing cunnilingus, making art with that. I want be openly what I am, so don’t think it’s a bad thing. I love being in the flow and also write sexual stuff too. A strong woman it is something what I want make you. Also you can be anything, what you like. I think my perfect customer in my mind is a young lady which makes me want eat her flower, and worship her. Making her grow like beautiful flower, giving all my super powers and wisdom what I have. .. I hope you get something, if you really want become super wealthy, go through Tai Lopez The 67 Steps. It’s the best course what I ever purchased, it really changed who I am. You can also check those courses too, but I really want this you take the 67 steps right now because you need understand how to become successful. It’s kind a roadmap being successful in your life. But you can read my blog too. Maybe I became sometimes moody, crying my pussy cravings, lust of it. I try to being helping you to become a wonder woman, a super woman, a strong woman. I want watch what kind effect I can offer you.

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