Values and strengths

You need built-up your strengths . I value freedom, women, sex, love, happiness.. I found that when I write with that Pillow Princess , I spend money on her. And now I try to reach-up the second one and I am almost ready buy gasoline to go where is the hot woman is and that juicy pussy is too. I love eating pussy and I value it very high. It is my niche, if we use business language. When I speak other interest with women, they not get interest me, but when I speak eating pussy with passion, they get attracted to me. And when I speak things like my other stuff, that I am transgender, poor, former addict and etc shitty thing I not get response. But when I focus the pussy, I have got the customer. Maybe I need to make a business with the Pussy. I adore, worshiped and I wanna eat Pussy for hours. I just wanna know everything for your Pussy. It is my religion. My God, the Pussy.

I also get super focused if I know if I will get the Pussy, I wanna learn everything about that how I can make that girl feel great, I just wanna worship her, and her Pussy. I was read about 10k pages of hc-sexology stuff and it happens almost when I found a girl who want to give me her Pussy and want me to worship her. I don’t wanna share my knowledge for free. But there is lot of common what comes from business and for women. Put woman always first, she is the Queen… I don’t wanna share just now and for free, but read a lot. And maybe will in the future make a package for you for decent price. You can ask me. But I was tested what I do, and it really works. I write little bit somewhere in the internet and people just get amazed and their suggest that what I share was something which need to be in How to Treat Woman in Sexual Way – book. I like writing but I need help with writing book, I don’t how to write that. But I can make you offer if you like learn more. I value time so if you want my time, it will cost, but yeah, I have got very valuable stuff on my head, it helped me a lot. My former girl friend falls in love with me when I lick her, she told me so.. And my ex-wife found difference when she broke-up. My ex-wife was my teacher and was my inspiration to learn thousands page of sexology. And my tongue is quite muscular too. She was my teacher. My vision. My experiment-environment. Over five years eating pussy all-day long. I learned a lot. But this is something gold what I own. I shared a bit some forum for free and I little bit regret, but it was a pilot, a snack, a sample and people just react like what a fuck?!

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