I feel it now with Latino girl. I need to stop. There’s young Lily which needs helps with her pussy, but I think she is fake.. I understand how bad that urgency will do when you fighting with your course of out of poverty. I just wanted to give up and go to the path of sex. I need keep my money now and fight with that urgency. It’s feel like hell to fighting back. I just want pussy. But I need to drive where those girls are and that kills my money.. I feel urgency like hell now. I realize that I don’t have any money to do sex trip. But Latino, little Lily.. or Redhead. Or I am crazy? If I give up. I lose my track.

I don’t know. I think that Latino girl is something what I really desire. I visualized that I want Latino girl because I met Brazilian girl and I realize I want my own Latino girl. She was super hot. I don’t know yet if that Latino is super hot or not. But I feel so. Just I wanted Lolita, I visualized her and I found her. And she was something what I was dreamed. But there’s something what I don’t know about younger women, they are super energetic and they are started to live their lives..

I literally burn inside that how much I want that Latino girl. I also fighting back because my track. She might be an opportunity cost. Or something what I really want. I want Latino girl not her, but she might be what I am looking for and become my Latino girl.

Why I want Latino girl so much. If I say no. I am poor like a shit. I need get out my situation. I need be focused my path.

I told her, I want my own sweet Latino woman. She’s somewhere..

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