Two Rabbits

I feel now that I need to focus to get rich, getting to become the multi-billionaire.. You might think I am crazy, but you need think big, thinking that you were already there where you want go.. Just like now that what I wish for universe that I wanna live that kind fantasy.. It now become reality but I need “buy” that and I feel that it is a risk which I should not do it and focus to get out my hell of poverty. That girl said something which might get easier to give-up now. Sex is powerful drug also.. Also like a business, or kind an investment. It is now feeling there is a bull-run going and value of investment goes up.. When I have got younger gf a year a go, everything goes similar like I were investment like cryptoes. Goes up, and then I realize that she not something what I wanna keep in a long-term-relationships and we break-up. And I also think that Rose-Pussy is now the investment what I should not “buy”. I heard saying, if you chase two rabbits you get none. Focus is the key of success of anything. Keep focus, and it is what you need to do. My father said that when we play tennis or badminton, “keep on eye on the ball”.. This is all about. I am now in hell of poverty and I wanna get out. So women are now like Seirens and I need avoid them.

There is also two philosophical approach of life, Like living fully in a moment like you live at once is looser game. You nee be like a chess-player, you need think also your end-game. You can celebrate your winning when you win. Suffer now and celebrate later is winning game. You need be like pro-athlete who needs to focus making money and thinking how to make money. Yeah, and Tai Lopez is super good investment about that problem – how make money – he knows and a lot. I learned a lot about him programs how to line the good life with those the 67 steps.. And also I were learned a lot him programs too. Making money is more based on Stoic philosophy and less Epicureanism. Which Epicureanism is more chasing pleasure and thinking that there is no tomorrow and you live at once – but if you not think like a chess-player and see the end-game – you lose. Stoic is more like thinking that if you suffer now, you can enjoy your achievements later. I hear those thinking of Tai so he knows better what I know. But if you chase pleasures and like chasing mirages, you lose. I did that my former life and I get bias and un-focused.. I think that is why I am poor. My philosophy of my life was different more Epicurean. But I am not good speaking that topic with using terms of philosophies. So if you are like pro-athelete and see you as the olympic-gold-metalist you will get there. You need suffer now and celebrate you gold-medal-cafe later.. Thinking like how Tim Grover said him book called Relentless.. You need become the cleaner, who is like Micheal Jordan. Train hard and become the best and more than that, unstoppable.. Constantly getting better.. Not good at enough, always growing.. Always getting better, and how I read Poor Charlie’s Almanack, you need get little bit wiser to bed every day. Step by step.. And I think that I can’t let me to go un-focused anymore. I don’t have effort to Tai Lopez ideas to go-away. I need marbles which I would play with him and play my game of getting rich. Money game. I need soldiers to who also catch like what Tai offer for me. It is opportunity to make money, and very good. I really need get money for that. Or prepared to hit when that kind opportunity comes to me. There is that, but my money situation is very bad. I need that my car get fixed and I get that back on the game. But as you see what I see, car is liability also and it is also leverage. Liability is like an asset but backwards, bad investment. Eats money, not produce money what assets do.. And good example of assets is money making business..

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