Two books and my thoughts of young girls

I think what helped me was book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki. Then you need read book called The Richest Man in Babylon. Those two books changed my view of money. I learned fundamentals, which is liability and which are assets. Those I learned from Kiyosaki book. And next which changed more my understanding of money is analogy of Babylon in money case. You need build your own Babylon. Very simple idea. You need build your defense, you need have got money for rainy day. I building this now. I building more strength of my fortress. I need more soldiers to protect me. I also need army which I need building assets, money-making-machines, like barracks which produces more soldiers. Also I need soldiers to attack when an opportunity arrive. An opportunity would be money making opportunity or now I have got two women, who are very interesting both. That Redhead and there is the Swimmer Girl too. The Swimmer Girl is very cute, and wanna be go where she lives. She living with parents, almost 18 years. Young girl. My Lolita was same age when we met. She said me that she is adult now. I don’t know. Also she wrote something what I doesn’t want hear, she started to putting me down. I thought that she was narcissistic. I read also the text of teenage girls, there is that kind an ego-centricism is part of independing process. Lolita was very intelligent also. But I don’t know. I am also found that age-gap relationships were problems too to deal life rhythms, woman about twenty start to living their lives and woman like me near forties have got lived life. I found that I need deal with that with younger women. I love idea of Lolita, girly girl. I fantasizing younger woman to be my new wife. I think that could be my way out poverty too, I need juice of young woman pussy. Maybe that offend you but I get super power when Lolita gives her pussy to eat.

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