Yeah, it’s been while than when I wrote. I told maybe my rush on The Pillow Princess, and now there is very bad situation, I gave her my picture; yeah, I know I am transgender person, post-op woman. I am very androgynous and this is often problem for me and others. They didn’t recognize my sex, a gender is more complex in a biology-means and my personal feelings: I don’t feel that I am not exist, or something like that because I don’t have gender which I can fit completely. I don’t have the inner peace, I am stranger. I’ve got very strong female side inside me, but now when I am female, I feel okay but my gender is in middle. And I feel better if I don’t think which I am, man or female, man, woman.. Or something like that.. At now, I was chatting with lesbian girl, and I feel hell inside me, pass I or not, like her my picture or not, am I too manly or not attractive or I am ugly or something like that. There is past of my history which I found that I have got lesbian girl friend and they was all was lesbians but I scare now because this girl feels everything for me. In the first time my life I am falling in love without seeing person. I saw her at the first time on last weekend, on her Facebook. She was super beautiful, super hot, super attractive young woman.

It is not easy to market something which is very different, and I think I am getting clue what marketing is when I think my self, I told my background, that I am trans, but there is lot of value what I can give, I often start fantasizing eating pussy and I always which is true I was studied my own lot of sexology. and I also the package include my “training” with my exes, and the positive feedbacks. I try always generate the package is so attractive that I am impossible denied with my background, and also I am fit. I try to sell myself for girls. It’s very hard, “How about hairy trans?” and ask that for lesbian. I try innovate myself for the market. Be alternative, “Yeah, I know I have my past, and I am not cis-girl. BUT IF you choose me you get very well educated sexologist who is specialized to please women completely. Also there is now the BONUS, I am fit and last longer. And of course there is a very trained tongue in the past relationships and you can train it also in the great shape cos I am enthusiast of cunnilingus, you can develop me. BUT it is super hard to marketing if you are in margin. Like I read now Peter Drucker, The Essential Drucker, you need generate a customer, and make a customer based business, I think I do business with myself and I marketing my product my tongue and myself; I am not exactly what you want, BUT if you choose me, I will guarantee. that I will give this and this… Over-promise, storytelling.. I even did blog which was also my way get the perfect woman, and found my ex-wife, I told myself, and my road to rough male to female process. And yeah, I self-promoted also myself and I tried found the right woman – but she was not cos we divorced.. But yeah, at know there is the right woman, I think. If that picture of mine is ok for her. I also over-promise, storytelling for her.. I lost her in dating site and I feel pain which is something what I never felt, I put my finger cross, and I asked God to help me find her, and I found her.. I wanna believe that the God gives her to me. I am not believer but I really miss her when I first ask her to leave, and I left also at dating site, and when I found she not there, my heart broke totally and I asked help for God. I went in Facebook and I went trough all that name girls and I found her, and I think that was the miracle. But yeah now here is my picture comes to her, and I don’t know, it is possible that super hot lesbian girl choose me. I feel pain again. And yeah, I think also she is the product what I want also, also the customer. The product cos I want her and I feel real pain live without her. I wanna buy she all the time. I buy her with my time. Similar like money, but there is saying which comes like this, which you share you time for zero money, you value it most. Time is most important human value, which is more important than any money.

And the customer by that means, I need threat her that way that I don’t lost her. That she stay with me, not leave me. If I can keep her with me and treat which way she deserved and if I treat the customer in my business same way I treat her, I think I will do well in business. In my former life about 20 years a go there is the businessman who said me “The customer is always right.”. And now I read Peter Ducker, “The Essential Drucker” book, you need do your business for the customer, you need generate a customer. “The customer is always right!”.

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