Today I Start!

Yeah, I tried again, and this is my first blog post. I have now goal and it’s become the multi-billionaire. This important to set your goal very high. I think it is possible it is only a number and amount of something. I think the key here is give value which is so good that everybody wants that value what you offer, like what Amazon offer, the everything store. But my case idea is to see those money in my bank account, I need first to feel and see those money in my bank account. Maybe you think it is unrealistic goal, but need to say you, there is no limits in your brain what you wanna be, you can be everything what you want in your brain, and sometimes dreams comes true. Your brain is like a gps-device, your need put here where you wanna go, your end-game, your birth-day-cake. Your sub-conscious-mind start immediately to go towards that goal. If you visualize that you build your birth-day-cake, you start figuring out what ingredients you need to your cake. and what is it the recipe.

I remember that I visualized very carefully that I will get the new woman when I had six-pack-stomach, when I divorced and getting sad that I divorced with my first wife over two years ago and now I have six-pack and I chatting with woman who seems be very good… I have many situations in my life when I have seen my destiny first and then I get it. And when I put in mind very big goal, like I want be the Olympic gold medalist, I went very good condition when I was a kid. I wanna be a runner then. And when I was at now in good condition I visualize my-self being the Black Ninja and nearly 40 years old woman is like the Black Ninja, very near. It is some-kind force what you get if you dream and visualize something big and something what you wanna be before you get it. It need be very big goal and feel something over, but you need trust that everything is possible.

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