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I feel that I know a lot. This my site seems being very good.. it’s teach me..

I read ten books per day.. I found that I have ten books open. My concentration and focus is super. This is something what I should teach you.. I just started to read as Tai Lopez said, book per day, I forced myself to listen Tai Lopez courses and audio-books.. I over listening them, just like sporters do, little bit more and more every day.. just trying to get better every day.. Tai Lopez teached me that brain are like muscles and I need train six-back in my brain. When my brain really works I can read/listening whole day and I read super fast. My brain just scan books. It’s amazing. Just overtrain your brain.. book per day.. it’s coming from I think Warren Buffett. He read 8 hours a day and that is book per day recipe. And what you get books. You get golden nuggets. I just read Grinding It Out, McDonald’s story.. lol, I read couple of other books also. But basically you need download from your brain every great minds.. and you will become human who have the real knowledge.

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