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Read Osho The Empty Boat. The idea is great. You need become the empty boat. I thinking now to monetizing my life, sharing myself, my treasures. There is the ego. I need to stop wanting, chasing things.. be more present, be here.. when I become to desirous.. I start living in the future.. I lost the moment.. my life.. I need be here and now. I need joy my life. Play more.. just what that Rose-Pussy does, she plays with her sexual life.. she is young. Just like my Lolita, my ex-girlfriend.. so playful.. not so serious, when people get serious, they fulfilled by ego. I think I am very egoistic person, I made that dark triad test. I scored narcissistic scores.. people are mirrors, they tell you, who you are.. I am lonely. I have no social contact for anyone.. no one miss me.. I am loner..

Yeah, lol, I also purchased Friedrich Nietzsche book called Man Alone with Himself.. I also read that Gregory Mankiw’s book called Principles of Economics.. it’s seems very good.. you become understand how money really works, taxing, capital, labor.. supply and demand… I thinking myself to seeking new girlfriend, there’s no demand for me. There’s good supply of girls, I have got demand. I was spending money on that dating site, when you buy, you will pay attention for what you doing.. you want get value for your money.. nice trick what I learned by Tai Lopez.. if you not buy, put money in it, your brain not found value for that. That’s why people often think that if they purchased product which is expensive than others, they will value that product higher because price is higher.. same product like medicine, exactly same, if other is 10 dollar and second one is 50 dollar, and both are exactly same product, people think that 50 dollar product is more valuable..

And what becomes my point putting money in dating site.. if I not put money on that, I thought that is not giving me. When I put money in that.. I think I am in more than on.. I really want get something and spending my time too, searching with bigger urgency to find that new girlfriend. But I need be careful about which kind girl I try to get.. I don’t gamble anymore, I am business woman, investor who looking for investment. Return on investment, ROI, getting the great investment by the right woman. I wanna get value of my money.. you can buy happiness.. you really can..

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