Thinking about the Gypsy Girl

I don’t know, I am biased now.. that the Gypsy Girl is in my mind. I know I need be honest in my feelings.. she was super hot. I feel something. I said for her that she influences me beautifully way.. I said she is beautiful for her.. maybe I need put her in the first place..

The Fire, The Lapland Girl also is in my mind.. The Gypsy Girl, I meant every word what I said for her.. but I was biased also so I don’t know how she saw me. Only goofy sugar mama or something.. she fucks my brain. I can’t get her in my mind. The Lapland Girl promised me her fresh pussy.. competition..

I also talked with the father, he messed up my brain also. He don’t understand why no would be also yes. I just try to keep my head when I walked through of Gypsy Girls.. and she just made me her slave.. I decided to prevent everything but she came and break my defense. My no turned yes.. in negotiation situation everything started with no, and it’s something you care. If you not care, you not fight back. I want help her, but I denided it.. I didn’t have money but I just falled in her trap. People get control if they said no. And feeling is in control is the first rule of manipulation.. that’s what my friend doesn’t understand.. if I decide to say no. I made friction.. if I just doesn’t care, I say nothing, I don’t feel nothing.

But she was nice, very beautiful. I can’t get her in my mind. Maybe she only manipulated me. But what a fuck.. Tai Lopez also was very manipulative, my friend is also manipulative.. maybe I think she was manipulative. Marketing first that how hungry, poor and helpless she is, she strikes in my heart. My defense just dropped. I biased. She was also so sweet. I attracted by she. I saw older woman too, maybe it was her mom. My clock started to say that I need to go. So I only bought for her two cheese burgers.. but I felt also we have chemistry between.. I started to saying how beautiful she is, and she influences on me..

My friend is quite stubborn too. He never listen me and always giving advices.. He think the Gypsy Girl was thief, but I thought she was not. I like she and I want ask her out. If she likes go with me and I dare, or I have guts to go where I found her.. tomorrow maybe.. or not.. I felt her soul. But maybe my friend is right that she is a thief. But he spoke very racist language and it’s not good. I am not a racist. I was 38 years fucked up. Influences by substances about 20-36.. and therapy for when I was 38.. I take contact again my friend in the Father’s Day.. because I think he is like my father, but I don’t know. I was fucked up so many years..

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