The Urgency

I watching Tai Lopez new program and it’s increase feel of urgency, I want that, but I don’t have money. It hits in my sub-conscious-mind, in my decision made center in my brain. People buy things based on feelings, not logic. So I need be aware with that. I use tactic which I learned by playing poker. I try hit when I have the good odds on my “poker hand” and also thinking that I do not push that I get trouble.

I made couple of purchase by just based on feelings and I let it happen. It feels good to buy, everybody likes it. But those money were my treats, entertainers like others money are my army to protect my car.

And Rose-Pussy… She is like the Coke. She made me a lot of urgency.. She is like the good product which I just want. I want “buy” her. I think it is the similar situation like I want buy Tai’s program but I don’t have money now. I am like the Pavlovian dog.. I have bad urgency and I want it so much.. But I need to be focused and be tough. Maybe Rose-Pussy is an opportunity cost.. And what my father once said when we play Tennis and Badminton also “Watch the ball. Keep your eye on the ball.” . But the Pussy-Farm… She loves the idea.. But that idea is something what I love.. My desire..

But I need money. I need to be focused to become rich..

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