The Tiger and I

She is the gem, the real treasure. The Tiger. She could make me a sane person. Because she sharpened that we don’t know each other yet. So that is a good thing.

I realized that I read, listening 5-10 book per day. I have 70 books which I am currently reading, those are in my reading list, there’s about 30 books open and 71 which I need to read out, the Tiger gives me book called Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams by Mathew Walker. She is smart woman, I need to listen her.

I found recently that I really read 5-10 book per day. I started Tai Lopez recommendations that I need to read book per day. He say also Warren Buffet read 8 hours a day, and my second mentor in books, Charlie Munger in Poor Charlie’s Almanack, he said that I need to read. It’s very important. Crucial.

I am starting to sharing my knowledge for everyone, I advised The Tiger to starting print on demand business, because she’s the gamer girl. Her YouTube channel is like a niche, the real asset. I think, like The Purple Cow, which is Seth Godin book title also, which is now on my top ten book list.. so Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi is in also top 10 book list.

But over 70 book in my active reading.. 5-10 books per day.. wtf.. ninja training, bodybuilding with your own body.. and yeah, tongue training, don’t miss out it.. it’s an essential to pleasing women in orally way.. it’s a skill which is the true game changer.. cunnilingus is my favourite thing..

The Rose-Pussy warmed the fire place.. she showed me her pussy with pussy pics.. not today.. I don’t know, where we live lead each others.. she is the fire.. and drink booze, smoke cigarettes and it’s very bad girl.. the opportunity cost.. choose I her or something.. Seth Godin said that don’t play safe, it’s boring and doesn’t sell..

I also have got perv meeting, or kinky meeting.. there’s also The Lady Domina, let’s say she is The Red.. and yeah there is many hot, gorgeous women.. and everyone is my friend.. I just also remembered The Brasilian Girl.. she was just like The Tiger, super hot, gorgeous woman. I don’t know if The Tiger is little bit hotter and more gorgeous than she.. I am not sure.. that The Brazilian Girl was the real dope… The hottest ever.. so The Tiger is seemingly same or more better… But yeah, we are just friends.. I messed up with that The Brazilian Girl, she also wanted friendship and I get upset with her looks.. but there’s is now The Tiger.. let’s be friends.. ally.. allies.. you now.. maybe she senses that I worship her..

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