The Opportunity Cost

Every action and every opportunity cost something and also what I choose to not to choose. That girl is super sex-driven machine. And I am sick, I need to wait that my pussy will heal. It bothers me, and makes me sad and frustrated and I feel depression also.. I can’t doing sports, nothing, just lying-down and listening my own thoughts and prevent to get mad. It feel sometimes that I go insanity. I tested how sitting works and I felt pain my pussy. It is very fucking frustrating. I am an introvert but now I need people with me because I start to getting insane. I don’t have money although, so I can’t go anywhere. I am stuck..

Okay, The Opportunity Cost, if I don’t have guts to go out with that girl I can lose something very super hot. But she feel more that girl who is the bad girl. But I would love having sex in next level, I am very educated and I can make her pussy happy. You know, I have knowledge of sexology which is very wide and I am very interesting about pussy, so I am monster about that area. I can make her feel heaven and she will make me in next level.

There is some opportunities about my life which are little bit similar, IF I did so, I would experience something superior. There is very near that I were in porn-industry and very near that I found my-self national kinky-scene. But I went paralyzed. And now that girl speak me, opportunities of group sex with other women and I am frightened again and I thinking escaping.. It feel being out-of-control-feeling. I just need to go through it.

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