The new Pillow Princess?!

The Dating site where I am is the Woman who showed her Pussy for me and asked what I like. Her Pussy was gorgeous and very unique like rose. I felt love immediately. She is a young girl and I really hope I would meet her in IRL soon.. I would love to eat her flower. And she is very sweet person somehow. She is very exciting my Pussy, and asking it continuously, and I really love that talk.

As you see dear reader. Pussy eating is my destiny. I love doing it and talk it all-to-day. I know science about cunnilingus and how to give female maximum pleasure. I was get response that I know a lot about it and what I know helps people. People think wrong with cunnilingus, that it is foreplay, is not. I love doing hours with right woman, eating her Pussy and see, feel her enjoyment and go to the flow. When your tongue is in the top shape, you can enjoy her Pussy hours and that is like a runner’s high; I was experienced both, and I would love speak Pussy-eaters-high. You just drink her juices and that dream never ends. That is something what I really love.

Eating Pussy is the art. The real art. You need become the one with your partner and feel her inside you. You need know everything about her and her body and her Pussy. My ex-wife said that what I did it was like different universum. Others only smooth down. She lost something, I felt that, she was disappointment that why everyone else is not like me.

What I did, I read a lot of books of sexology and I focus cunnilingus, pleasing woman in sexual way and I absorb everything and I used what I learn from her and I practice with her years. About 3 years a row, plus two years at least a day in every week. So I become quite good I think… I was super curious, I want learn everything about how I maximize her pleasure and learn. My ex-girl friend start dating me when I gave her cunnilingus. She said that it was the reason. And sex with me was awesome and yeah I really love her body and her Pussy. She was perfect like my ex-wife in her unique way. But the sex was only thing was what we have.. I miss that what we have, also I miss what we have with my ex-wife in those three years. And of-course there is a girl who we have a little sex relationship and that was awesome too. And couple of girls too who liked what I did. But you must know the fact, every pussy is an unique masterpiece and they have got own unique way to response your touch, and of-course your tongue. You need start the communication with her, asking what she like, how that feel and etc; your are explorer and in un-discovered land; in sacred place; you need know your territory, and conquer that with your tongue. You need become an artist, a storm, you need make your tongue for your magic-wand and just enter in the heaven and become the one with her Pussy. Everything is all about her Pussy, you need become the worshiper of her Pussy and be part of her Pussy.

I was read a lot of books and you should too, read every book for how to treat woman in sexual way; and focus her Pussy, and cunnilingus. That how I did. And what I said and what every sexologist says, you need become master of communication, you must know every what she loves and memorize and use them with her and do everything better, and becoming the best, a little bit better everyday, improve your skills every day little bit.. But you must be like a violinist and hear how her Pussy react your tongue and you need find the rhythm and voila, she will loves you for ever.

This is simple but maybe not easy. I share here little golden nugget for you, the G-spot what is that. It is woman prostate, para-urethal glands and there is sacred nectar how ancient sexologist calls it, Tantra gurus, and yeah, read those books too from Tantra; you will learn more. The G-spot is the sacred garden or/wall which protects that Goddess nectar, ejaculatory fluids.. I find very easyway to analyze and spot her G-Spot, you can feel “the cat tongue” with your fingers and she will felt love for your fingers too.. She must be super aroused, super relaxed, accepted that she could be pee if she must pee. But when you are licked her and stimulated with her Pussy inside with your fingers, you can feel tip of your finger something “The cat tongue” like, her The Sacred Garden arise, that The Sacred Gate arises and here is the key of her ejaculation. You need your fingers and you need be use force and stimulate her many ways; you can use classic, come hither move, you can “milking” her “the cat tongue” area, you can be like an electric-shock and buzz that “the cat tongue”, and making zig-zag-movement, tapping, vibrate with your fingers. But you need use power and stimulate with power, put you must communicate. The key using the power is that, that the fountain is below that “the cat tongue” and you may need “dig deeper”. My women was want that way. And that the nectar of goddess is very unique stuff and you need understand that you not always hit the right spot and remember always sex, is all about pleasure, and there is no goals to get any orgasm, any ejaculate etc, it is the path of pleasure. Everything what you experience with her is the journey; there will be orgasms, flows of fluids but the main thing is being in the flow of ecstasy. You can experience many orgasm, hit the o-zone, see that how her garden explode..

The eating pussy is the pure art and the key is what I said above and the key is become see yourself like an artist and create every-time something beautiful. Communicate and learn from her and do better everyday and the key is her Pussy is like a violin, you must need become understand everything about that beautiful treasure. I do many tricks my tongue, I write, I spell, I play… Classic way is writing with your tongue, but you must be very creative. I like doing mind-trick, like I imagine that clitoris is a boat and I become a storm and I make storm in her Pussy. You know sucking her clit and making waves of your tongue. But yeah, you can do everykind trick for her pussy, eating very slow. Stopping, teasing her. But you need become artist and kind a violinist and if you find something what she really love stay it and do it again, and again. But your must asking her what she love or not. And what new she want, and love her what you do already or don’t. But when you really know her Pussy, she will give you always.

I also recommended to study erogenous-zones and erotic-massage, foot-massage. Making her mood good, relaxed. You can study also “love-foods”. Making environment also sexy.. And there is a lot but the more you learn the more you earn and the knowledge is the key.

I think this someway go inside me to the “customer”. “Eating Pussy”-package, the product is something what women who are lesbian, bi-, pansexual they really buy it.

It is funny if I told my self dull things I doesn’t get anyone’s attention. But when I tell with passion, enthusiasm that I love eat their Pussies they will react.

I was read The Poor Charlies Almanac and there was “The Spots”, the competence, where you know a lot and I know lot of pleasure of women, especially cunnilingus. And of course there is the nature. But sex is my thing. People need to stay in their spots. Example if you are the priest and you go to teach very difference religion, you jump-out in your spot. You know, what is your super interesting area, is your spot. Stay in your spot. Make your products there where are you super good and know a lot.

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