The new beginning

Clitoris is a tiny. Lot of nerve endings. What you see is the head of whole Universum.

I think writing is my soul, it starts when I see the heart. Soul is the key. I think that miracle was The Korean Lady. It was like lit up my fire.

My friend say write how to eat Pussy, it’s an art. It’s impossible explain. using fingers that is more technique… My fire litted when I get excited about that sexologist.

I feel how dopamine levels reduced, I was hooked. I feel withrawall symptoms. I get high when I chased a gold. Now I let gold to go… I prefer eating pussy. I need woman in my life..

Korean Lady, sweet, innocent woman

I want pick up that flower, Buddhism teach, let flower to be.

What I learned chacing gold, I learn I have everything

I don’t need a gold

It’s worst addiction ever

Osho said it really makes you blind and you see only gold. Nothing else.

Now I feel like I felt when I stop drinking, I feel very bad.

As I see, I got addicted.

I prefer honey more,

than money

I think money is side thing

Like orgasm

Chasing orgasm, you lost enjoyment

Goal in sex is gathering enjoyment

i feel pain now when I want eat pussy. I lost many opportunities when I chased every rabbit. Now there’s Korean Lady

If I chase other

I lost her

I lost my ex-wife because I looking that something is better

She was my everything

I felt pain many times, I didn’t was in this pain. I think that Bukowski is right saying, all what matters is how well you walk through the fire.

I think feeling that fire is the key.

I hope I hear Korean Lady

I need only letting go everything

And be happy what I have.

If I have nothing, Buddhism teach I have only karma, which I own, I don’t own anything else than karma.

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