The Little Though

It poppep in my mind. I read a book by Managing Yourself; which tells you that you need 18 month time-frame. And I also finnished Tai Lopez 67 strps, which comes from that human develop a new habit in that time from on ca 67 days. And I played chess and I started to win a.i. when I decided to concentrate to the end game. And now I read a book 7 habits of highly effective people and recently read book the magic thinking big and maybe there is a plenty of books which mix my brain and I get an idea of everything what I learned. You need think like a chess-player and a poker-player in a mixture, you know. When you think like a chess-player, you need concentrate the end-game, see how you come to win the game. Maybe it was a book called Nine Things Successful People Do Differently by Heidi Grant Halvorson which I learned putting your goals on the paper. And friend of mine also teach me that when you see where golf-ball go before it go, it will go to the hole or very near. When you see the end game. I played very winning poker when I saw myself as a tournament winner, I see myself in the winner and playing well in the final table and so on. Now I put on the paper, the clean house and I start to vizualize in my head to how that happen and I see how clean my house is. And when I put that on the time-frame like two hours, I think I achieved that goal. Yeah, I can do everything that way in my life and you too my dear reader!!!

Here’s the pro tip for you which I tested and heared by Tai Lopez, read a book per day, become a learning machine. Every book which you read you will find golden nuggets and those golden nuggets which are suitable for you comes from instinctual for you and will improve you. That Halvorson book says also, that and also Charles Munger in him The Poor Charlie’s Almanack that getting better; getting wiser every day. And also my drinking problem where I heard day by day-principle, and Munger also says that step by step. An idea to thinking that everything will come better everyday will help you.

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