The little bird

“Have heard say that God made the world, and that all the people was drownded but one, heard say that one was a little bird.”

Further, if a horse must fully maintain its health, it can work no more than 8 hours a day.

horse-power, the quality of the work. To do the work of a steam-engine would require 66 men, at a total cost of 15s. an hour, and to do the work of a horse, 32 men, at a total cost of 8s. an hour.

[It is possible to attain knowledge very useful in life and, in place of the speculative philosophy taught in the schools, one can find a practical philosophy by which, given that we know the powers and the effectiveness of fire, water, air, the stars, and all the other bodies that surround us, as well and as accurately as we know the various trades of our craftsmen, we shall be able to employ them in the same manner as the latter to all uses to which they are adapted, and thus as it were make ourselves the masters and possessors of nature, and thus contributing to the perfection of human life.]

Infants that take opiates “shrank up into little old men,” or “wizened like little monkeys.”

“As far as I can see, the greater amount of education which a part of the working-class has enjoyed for some years past is an evil. It is dangerous, because it makes them independent.”

“We work with more spirit, we have the reward ever before us of getting away sooner at night, and one active and cheerful spirit pervades the whole mill, from the youngest piecer to the oldest hand, and we can greatly help each other.”

self-acting mules are as dangerous as any other kind.

[A man becomes exhausted more quickly when he watches over the uniform motion of mechanism for fifteen hours a day, than when he applies his physical strength over the same period of time. This labour of surveillance, which might perhaps serve as a useful exercise for the mind, if it did not go on too long, destroys both the mind and the body in the long run, through excessive application]

who work for him a shilling each, as a fee for learning them the art and mystery of cotton spinning,

“Machinery and labour are in constant competition.”

The young servant girls in the houses of the London lower middle class are in common parlance called “slaveys.”

“The labourers in the mines of S. America, whose daily task (the heaviest perhaps in the world) consists in bringing to the surface on their shoulders a load of metal weighing from 180 to 200 pounds, from a depth of 450 feet, live on bread and beans only; they themselves would prefer the bread alone for food, but their masters, who have found out that the men cannot work so hard on bread, treat them like horses, and compel them to eat beans; beans, however, are relatively much richer in bone-earth (phosphate of lime) than is bread.”

we must treat the whole world as one nation, and assume that capitalist production is everywhere established and has possessed itself of every branch of industry.

“Labour creates capital before capital employs labour.”

The property of the capitalist in the product of the labour of others “is a strict consequence of the law of appropriation, the fundamental principle of which was, on the contrary, the exclusive title of every labourer to the product of his own labour.”

To know what is useful for a dog, one must study dog-nature.

“nuila dies sine line!,”piled up mountains of books.

Karl Marx das capital, the capital

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