The good way to prevent women

It’s my haircut. When I was bald I was quite sexy, and every woman wanna fuck with me. Now my hair growth and I get offended by women.. I get chemistry change between The Tiger.. my sexual life is gone when my hair growth.. but yeah, I can consentrate having knowledge, investing in my brain. It is very good asset, your brain, just like what Mankiw said, it’s a human capital..

I read E-Myth Revised by Michael Berger.. there is what Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos said, customer response.. I get good response when I was a bald. Women just gave me their numbers.. now they scare me, people speak that I German, I think a German shepherd is better description of me..

The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon it’s a very good book by the way.. ;D lot of books.. when I get attracted about pussy, I just study everything about how to please woman, there is the learning curve.. I found that I know more than world lead sexologist, which have got millions followers.. I thought she was pro in the world and I think like her and found that I was better. I think I need to share this knowledge for you, because it’s the leverage to get any woman. The art of cunnilingus.. my favourite thing in this world.. I just get everyday my ex-wife and now I am a bookworm.. old grayish bastard, nobody trust me that I am very good eating pussy.. but yeah maybe over-deliver is the key, and under promise.. The Tiger is super hot, gorgeous woman.. I want her.. but I think I need to think she is the cat, The Tiger, I need to make my surroundings that she can feel safe and want me..

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