The Father

He is super manipulative person. He painted my life what it is now, very negative way and offer him new way. I don’t know why I have this kind person in my life? I need to distance from the father. It’s very mind fuckin experience what I experienced last phone call. I need distance to staying a way this kind abusive relationship.. Reading helps me, open new world, make me grandmaster of life, gives me everything what I needed to understand how to move my caterpillar state to the evaluation of the butterfly. Many philosopher, maybe Friedrich Nietzsche talked to something that you need change your skin like a snake.. Reading is the way understand world better and become better version of yourself. But I need to make negative association that my former friend the father, let him go. Talking with him is really concius to my life and very negative way.. He try to manipulate, control, destroy, make me doing things what he wants. Try to master me. I need to stay away from him. What he speaks me is not truth, I no need to trust him anymore.. he speaks shit. Try to destroy me. Let him go. Thank you the father what you did to me, now I don’t need you anymore..

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