The American Pie

I listening push it to the limit, scarface soundtrack.. I thinking taking risk, putting all-in, like I did when I opened my closet and come out as a woman. Many bad things surrounding my brain, like what if she say no, if she say, yes how my life gonna change.. I tried also consulting the father..

I think he persuade me, not manipulate, just like my mother, she persuaded me to buy cheese..

But decision to play all-in and time hit your chips on the middle.. that scarface soundtrack move my thoughts to all-in mode.. real fighting mode.. I think if I hit chips in the middle.. if you know what Mankiw told that there is the opportunity cost too… just if I put chips in the middle, lost I everything, or what I will win… my friend persuaded that I have all winnings.. just like I met The Lolita, I put all-in.. now The American Pie….

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