That girl

She write me so erotic material and I get very aroused and now my pussy hurts. I am very angry and disappointment about myself. I have really issue about plastic surgery, which is love-hate-relationship. I love that they make me a pussy, but I hate plastic-surgery cos it lead you thinking for yourself that you are not enough. That girl had got bigger inner lips which are red-flag for plastic-surgery because of porn-industry, but in my eyes her pussy is super beautiful like a flower, like a rose. And that hit in my decision center, what a fuck I did? I think if you enter in plastic-surgery-business, you get addicted that idea that you need be fixed and your not enough. I feel terrible pain and I just see my pussy it need something more and more. I am super insecure. And of-course I am piss-of cos my pussy is in the fire because that girl aroused me so badly and I am very sexual person sometimes and very horny and my sex-drive doesn’t stop, it last “for-ever”. I can be aroused whole day and I never get orgasm. So I need to rest my pussy but how hell I rest my brain not to think that young girl who is super horny about my boobs now and my body and want lick my pussy.. And wanna give me her pussy to lick for me. I do love giving cunnilingus. But she is so horny to make me that the Pillow-Princess. But I need rest and chill and heal my pussy and soon my body too, cos I have been too lazy and passive a long time and I urge to training hard. So if you are not trans-girl and you thinking that your Pussy is not beautiful, it is very beautiful in her unique way. It is the mind-set what you get in porn-industry. So don’t watch porn but take a deep-dive in sexology, tantra and that kind stuff and enjoy more whole of you that beautiful thing called sex.

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