Why he make cry on the urgency? My decision system just change and I think it’s worth of try. I get money to promoting him. I think I do just now. I promo him. It’s kind a way out poverty, partnering with him. Not a bad idea, but a thousand dollar – 997. I will get more and more.. And passively. Maybe.. Or maybe not…

I need promo this site and put him afflient-links on hyperlinks,and you can just click him name and get a highway on the riches.. This is very very possible scenario for you. His programs just rocks.

I highly recommended you to buy one of him programs, I myself highly recommended the 67 steps. It’s changes your brain. I can literally listening book per day in straight; 1h-12h per day dependence on how I feel. If my brain function perfect I can listening 6h/day. Every book change your life. Your brain just buzz like a machine.

I cannot recommended other products cos I am not get results what others, but I am not good at on social media. But if you are, you can make money. I don’t say it is easy, but if you do what they teach you, you will learn a lot. Your English will improve, you get skills.. You get lot of book recommendations, valuable sites.. It is like a gold mine. Multi-billionaire teach you how make money, and you will learn and a lot. But I think if here is something what resonate for you, you will win. And when I purchased those program, I get ideas to thinking how business will works.. I get lot of value…

Everything is all about customer, and a custumer’s needs and her problems – we need think how we solve them problems and money is just only way to show how we valuate with that action between me and the customer. You never will show that, you care money for customer, you need care customer and her problems. We are here for serving you, dear customer. We will fix your problems. And one way today if you do not how make money, ask the billionaire, she or he will show for money.. You need think money is a like tool which you get problems solved. Like soldiers to protect you. Like chariot to move you place to place. Money makes people happy, and you can buy happiness, you need where to buy.. This is economics again and as you see, there is Tai’s offer and also that Mankiw’s book.. But first Mankiw and selling books. The Little Red Book of Selling.. and Made in America by Samuel Walton. And if you buy a firm which is an asset and that asset makes money, you can buy happiness, and buy money making machines..

Give a price of your product and give 10x value of that price. Price is what you paid and value is what you get. This is mixture of Tai’s and Munger’s thinking.. Both are super rich..

And this my advice for you which is helped me a lot. Thinking that you are stupid and you need learn how to please woman – and you just take a book of sexology and study of all what the best are teach.. When you think so, you cup is empty and you have got the beginner’s mind-set and you will be like the sponge.. You will absorb everything. Yeah, I didn’t know how to make money, and I end-up get Tai Lopez course the 67 steps, and now I know a lot. But I don’t know how yet, but it’s becoming entrepreneur and investor.. That is the key.. But how, I need learn…

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