So much pain

Why he doing so? If I have got just 1k with my pocket, I purchased that immediately. I think I would do so when I get my car back in the track. I do what Tai offer, I promo him. I talk him everyday. Only problem is that it might take time to getting customers, but he doing great and there is also supply and demand. Just like I urge Rose-Pussy’s pussy I urge that opportunity. I don’r wanna miss it. It hurts. I admiring and fantasizing huge amount money. But reality is that there is also probability that I can’t do any money. But I speak so much him everyday, I sounds very enthusiast when I speak him. That is something which sells. It’s similar effect when I speak pussy, I got enthusiasm my voice, I wake up. When I try to sell my-self for women, they only inspired of me when I speak how I eat them pussies. That is true.. If I speak my life, people get offence that I am poor..

Lol, I just want Tai’s program.. I am like the Pavlovian dog, who want food. And it is feel like someone try to steal my doggy food, and I get confused and angry… It’s just similar situation if I think that I will try quick with Rose-Pussy, it feels so bad.. She’s pussy is so beautiful and delicious. This is only thing what I have seen at first. I don’t know how she might look. Only her Pussy.

That offer is now inside my head. If I try to forget, or try to not to think, it’s hit me harder. Only which is now is that I don’t have money.. But I can make many thousands of dollars.. I really know that him products works and I know that those are real deal.. If start to putting this in the public, I just praise Tai Lopez. People just go to where Tai Lopez is. I say him name many times in my texts, and if you read this it will sink in your head and it stick in your brain. Repetation is the rule which marketer uses.. You see like Coke many times or brand.. You see it in your mind and you might buy Coke cos you remember that..

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