She’s gorgeous

The Tiger is so hot and gorgeous woman. She waken up my urgency, desire. I feel terrible pain that she left me.. yeah, I don’t wanna be a just a friend, I can’t, I can but you know.. I want worship her, eat her pussy, I want option to fall in love her.. just a friend is like a handshake, it’s nothing.. just getting a bronze medal.. or silver.. something but not the gold. I wanna having sex with her, become very intimate relationship.. I wanna her soul and give mine too.. I wanna lost my soul for her. I wanna die with eating her pussy.. I want all.. I don’t wanna fucken bronze medal.. a friendship.. I have got friends of very gorgeous and beautiful women but being just a friend with woman who I desire.. who is my deepest fantasy regarnation, superior hot, gorgeous woman.. I just wanted eat her pussy, drink her pussyjuice.. just a fuckin friend.. I don’t buy, I don’t want.. woman who made in heaven and hell, look angel and devil same time, super hot and very attractive.. I wanna worship her and drink her pussyjuice from her pussy.. yeah, just a friend..

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