She was everything

I don’t know.. she loves forest too, my passion too.. like cunnilingus… Why why.. lol that what Tai Lopez and Charlie Munger ask you do.. asking yourself question, why.. why she left me.. why she did that.. why why oh why? I thought that is wiring thing that I found similarities and reverse situations.. there is neuroscience, neurospace or something like that.. behind.. subconscious mind thing..

Why I need hit the situation like that? Why she run away.. why situation felt like reverse my recent experience?

Neurospace is important when you let people in your brain.. I think that’s why people near me sometimes added feeling that I am not good… Surround yourself with supportive environment of supportive people.. people makes you what you are.. just like peas.. Tai Lopez use analogy of osmosis.. I think it is correct.. just also Charlie Munger speaks by him book, Poor Charlie’s Almanack.. surround yourself with supportive people.. loving, caring environment..

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