She is gone now..

I get excited and asked her out and that girl just disappeared at dating site.. I am sad.. and disappointed.. I felt yesterday that I am totally helpless and I felt also how powerful strength of poverty is. It’s literally kills you. You see your clothes, your computers, your tools are all are outdated.. you are totally shit. Your teeth, your body.. your nutrition.. everything is threaded.. you feel that the poverty will kill you.. I am very sad, I feel scared.. I know how I can connect everything my systems.. it’s also a risk that I will getting worse.. destroy that what I already have.. I have freedom but yeah, I don’t have money to make me happy, to do things what I love.. I feel that I coming to rotten inside and start to die.. it’s scary feel, feel so.. I know how to fill that ben-form which helps to start affiliate with Tai Lopez.. but I need to succeed immediately.. you know.. if I am not I am in deep trouble..

But yeah, I read Sam Walton’s book Made in America. It’s literally just what I do with women.. doing cunnilingus.. thinking what she thinks.. getting know everything about her pussy, her body, her desires.. asking first stupid questions to getting know better what she loves and what she’s not.. and serve the best.. become to knowing everything what she knows her body, her pussy and know little bit better.. but she’s always right, she is my customer.. she is the Queen. Princess. I am here to serve her, submitting her wishes.. being her slave, her servant.. serve her the best treat, she deserved only the best.. she is always right. Always, period. Always.

That is my key to become very good with sex.. I am not say that I know everything, I love sex and there was time when I studied the all. My learning curve is now saturated, there’s difficult to find something new.. but I merely made mistake to think I know everything, it is impossible..

I think I made my mistake.. I chase her.. I want her.. just like I saw that cat. I approached her and she saw me and run a way.. she was so scared.. like hairy ball which runs to the tree. I remember that she stared at me when she stopped and turned to look at me. She was so scared. I chased her and she climbed the tree. I thought I did so, when that girl is now gone.. I chased her. I need to understand what Tai Lopez said that happiness is like a cat.. your need made environment that which is best possible for cat.. and then cat realize that there is no danger.. she can trust me.. and it is not what I want, it is what she wants.. it’s all about her, not me. Okey, but a human is selfish.. thinking her best interest.. I have suggestions of reading evolution biology too.. like Darwin.. the selfish gene by Richard Dawkins.. and there is text book of that also for evolution biology.. it’s a human thing, it’s not money thing. Tai Lopez said also money is like a cat too.. if you chase it, it will run a way.. just like girls.. I hope she will returns.. I was very good for her.. but I was also cat chaser and she is gone…

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