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I think I am like that Rick.. There is the internet guy who can change your life! I feel that I don’t know what to do. That the Ninja feels very good girl. I gave her some insomnia book, sleeping books, one of them I found Tai Lopez courses.. so you will find it somewhere my books, it’s called smart sleeping.. Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to a Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success. This is it, the bad ass sleeping guide. I purchased it yesterday to I can teach the Ninja how she can sleep better.. I remembered that in that guy who introduced that book said you need relax before go to the bed. Sleeping hormones are so gentle, they would go to hide if you get excited about something.. the Ninja made me excited and I slept poorly. I am tired. Are girls liabilities? I don’t know. My ex-wife was the good woman. Maybe the Ninja too.. maybe she is better.. I visualizing my future with her.. dreaming.. I am also entrepreneur now.. and retired.. I don’t know.. read book called the story brand.. Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen . I am learning machine.. you should become too. I remembered that I read alot of sexology and I found that I was like a sexologist, I understand what top sexologist speaks, and yesterday I watched Elon Musk and he said that he studied himself too.. it’s important to speak that you are not hopeless if you not have a degree. You not need the degree to live. You can learn anything what you want. Keep in mind, our ancestors doesn’t have schooling system and they are just like us. It is bias. Hoax. You can make friends with Elon Musk, Charlie Munger via books.. buy courses by Tai Lopez.. you not have be a fuckin doctor to be as good as the sexologist and handling women. You can read every fuckn books by topic of sexology and I will say you are then.. it’s an authority bias, people are coded to follow the leader, and do what others do, “monkey see, monkey do”. Also there’s bias called the social proof tendency.. lot of this kind human misjudgements.. you need to learn then all and my suggestion is to learn them at Poor Charlie’s Almanack by Charlie Munger.. 25 gognitive biases.. learn them and you will understand. And also Mankiw Principles of Economics said that people react to the incentives.. reward and punishment superresponse tendency.. Google helps me. But you get reward or punishment and you will react almost automatically.. so with those 25 human misjudgements.. you get slave if you not understand those.. get addicted or something.. you will buy something and then you think what a fuck.. that Tai Lopez is powerful businessman, so if you listen him, you will become him and you will buy probably everything.. so listen them carefully. I also getting person who can make you say yes to me very easily… It’s magic and you can learn them on Tai Lopez courses.. think what if you have this kind skill? Everyone said yes to you.. people say so because there is incentives where they react, those psychological tendencies, 25 gognitive biases, human misjudgements.. they react them automatically.. that’s why you need protect yourself with advertisement.. they injected into your decision systems and you will start to think okay I need this.. you found you have a problem and seller gives you the solution. Also you have not got any problems so far but now you have and also solutions too..

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