Quote from Warren Buffett

I an not sure how original goes but he was said this, “If you want sense true compound effect, read 500 pages per day..”. It isn’t brilliant? I myself found he is so correct, if you read a lot, your brain will change. It’s important read if you not understand something. When I decided to learn how eat pussy, I read a lot of sexology. I found that I understand better than any sexologist how to eat pussy, because I was read a lot about sexology. I also used my ex-wife as my training buddy.. and I trained everyday five years a row.

I also found quote from Jeffrey Gitomer in his book called Sales Bible, “You will become expert of any field if you use hour a day and do it constantly for five years.”. And Tai Lopez said you life will change if you read book per day.

And I need to say I getting better when I read a lot business books, self-help books, psychology, sales.. How to persuade people.. Marketing.. Speaking books.. It’s takes about 3-4 month when you found that you get something in your brain. You become understand what top CEOs speaks, and found that you understand in same level, you confidence will rise and I you life will change! As Tai Lopez said, people rise from extreme poverty when they get the right knowledge.

I don’t ever listen people who said I need to stop reading or something like that. Fuck them all! My real father, Kari said, he were said lot of good quotes. He said you will become everything what you want if do lot of work, practice. Even become the world best.

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