About me and my passions

who I am

Just a cat.  And don’t ask my gender, I am fed-up with that shit. Gender is construction nothing else, I am what I want, and not going in that shit, are you girl or boy, if this is important and feel annoying that, so I don’t need your company. I don’t either categorize people what kind your body chemical cocktail is. Is there color-pigment, difference about your sex-hormones, like testosterone and estrogen. I hate people who are dick-head but I always want the first know who you really are and then I make my decision let I your my life. Okay, there is one group people which I don’t understand. and they are racists but point is that if I feel that you are the dick-head, then I don’t like you, but everything which matters most is your heart. I don’t label people but when you hurt someone, and I think what Seneca said, he was right: “all cruelty springs from weakness”. If you are a racist, transphobic, homophobic person I am not for you. I don’t take that shit my life.. I am a trans-gender girl(post-op) also and I really know what that feel being different and everybody said you cannot feel like that, and also I don’t mind put myself anything or anybody to feel shit in my life. This is my world and if you feel that I speak shit, I am not then for you.  Don’t ask my nothing, I don’t give you anything, because human brain is wired and if I surrounded my-self in shit, I will become shit, so like my friend Tony Montana said, I don’t take that shit my life. You need stand and be what you really are.  

My life was and is very hard, like a war-zone, and I think some people are warriors, they have war for themselves. I was war with alcoholism, I was in the benzo-hell, I was deepest hell what comes from human psyche, I was people who suffer much but I fight against everything and I won every battle. every enemy, one the biggest war with I fight is being me, I went through the process male to female and I survived; I did that in the world who was against me, and I am very sensitive person, and evil of human hurt me and my nearest people was also someway against me, everybody. But there is now new enemy against me and that is the poverty. I wanna win that and I will do everything to beat it, I would love call you to join the army because I need fight with multiple consielers and I need allies, soldiers, fighters, warriors.. Are you true warrior and wanna help me?

I know there is kind a enemy and it is the school system which makes us slaves. Do want be a slave? I think your not. I read Sun Tzu, The Art Of War, he said you need know your enemy and yourself and a territory.. I think he was right to saying so, I need people who knows how that enemy won to gives me helping hand. The school-system is one kind enemy which causes poverty. But nowadays is new way to learn things, but ques what – this is not new way, the eldest way, which our ancestors learned, they learned skills with others. I highly recommended you to take Tai Lopez the 67 steps. These steps helped me opens the new world. I wanna find you my mentor, and wanna find you my student, and wanna find warrior of you. And become the warrior. And fighting with me against the poverty! Don’t give up! It will surrender and we will kill it and there is no the poverty anymore! 

Here is the list of my books what I highly recommended for you. The knowledge is the key. Know your enemy… 99% those books which you will find link behind I heard from Tai Lopez. So here is the one key, you need listen to people who is there where you will come. If you wanna beat alcoholism example you should listen to me, if you wanna be everything what you want you should listen the best. The master.

Maybe this sounds cocky but you need thinking that you are the bad ass warrior who not give up ever. Who will fight to the bitter end or in the victory and the glory. That kind thinking is always helped me with my problems which I like call battles. This kind mind set is a crucial. You need set the warrior mindset and go the war against the poverty. I am going too and want you be with me. 

I warning you, your sub-conscious-mind is very powerful tool, and your thoughts about you is same as you. So please think and write a note somewhere and put here that your are the bad ass warrior, I guaranteed that you will become what you think. And if you think opposite that is true also for your sub-conscious-mind, it not your side always, you need master it, try to see yourself as the bad ass warrior and nothing else. And put your goal to become the multi-billionaire, that cos your sub-conscious-mind acting like a gps-device, you need put here ultimate goal, which leads you towards that goal. I put here also, “You have a girl-friend.”, and it worked. I acting and started to focusing to searching the new girl-friend and ended up relationship but it was short. So it works this way. My former therapist also asked my to write a letter from ten years to me, to describe environment and everything so exact I can, it worked also, but end result it not what I wanted. You need realize that your sub-conscious-mind is very powerful and I suggest you that use that carefully and keep in mind how that works. It’s kind a gps-device, put here :”You are the bad ass warrior who is multi-billionaire, who beat the poverty.”. You no need even trust it, it will happen. But you need realize that when you put it that way, you will approach that goal and your sub-conscious-mind is a gps-device. I put here “You are the black ninja and perfect condition!”. I am pretty good shape, it helps. There is science also back, you get at least 1-10% if you think that you are something what you want just at now. You get better odds to get what you want. But there is no rich-fast-schema, you need realize that, thinking like that helps you but you need grind and not to give up, everything is possible – trust this, you are what you think you are and you will become what you think… But every successful people saw themselves before that they become what they becomes.. So dream baby, and trust your dreams, and describe those dreams and think that your are already at there.. 😉