Understanding this kind knowledge is the key to true happiness; understanding how to please woman in sexual way has been very important me. Reading, studying sexology, tantra and watching this kind educational material has increased my value of getting women as I am now older.. My ex girlfriend said how you eat me was the only reason why she fell in love for me.. Ex-wife said when she broke-up with me, how you ate me was different universe.. Cunnilingus is my favorite thing and if I put little bit my knowledge here; orgasm is side thing, enjoyment is everything; that way you can led every woman in the Nirvana of the pleasure.. “It will comes if it comes, it is not the main thing.. Just Enjoy Babe…”. That’s come from Tantra; kind a mind set which turns your woman in the orgasm machine…. Also knowing your woman inside out, and knowing little bit better, and thinking pussy as a Tabula Rasa like an artist who painting little bit different every time.. More this kind! I loved your video! I am not sexologist, but I am cunnilingus enthusiast 😉

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