I am seemingly very good with that.. I am 37 woman, I spoked with 21 girl.. she said that she was not interested me cos she looking for 19-24.. I just sold myself to her. What a fuck.. it was on dating site. I found she was just what I looking for. 21, and her inner beauty, wit.. her dating profile was just like did for me. And I was right, we have chemistry between.. okay, I hope that she feel more than being sold for me.. I really persuaded like pro.. but I really thought that she is the one. 37 old is like a pigment of skin.. innermost is the thing.. I get sad that she said first I am too old, I cracked it somehow.. I just wanted her.. if I can do that I can do anything.. I was more persuader, seller than ever.. it is in me.. I am changed, totally.. wtf.. I told why I am better than younger women.. something happened.. yep, ‘why’… Because.. I know what I want.. I can guarantee that I don’t need to run looking for woman.. I am sporty, body is like a 20 years old.. but I know I am older but.. wtf.. I just turned everything upside down.. but we had chemistry between, we chatted 6 hours row.. it was the flow…

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