Or I am not sold

My car repair bill is huge. 1,5k and Tai’s program is 1k too. And I found again, what Tai do, it’s super important. There is no anymore jobs. What he do is amazing. People speak here that you save my life. Lol, I did that way: Couple of girls ask me that would I like to be sugar mama for them. I put them that type Tai Lopez and get more better ideas to get money. I do afflient for free, but that’s okay. I have no money to buy him program just now. I would love to do that, buy him program and spread him message. And get commissions. I think it’s someone who are better in social media. I am bad.

Yeah, I know, here is a term called fixed-mind-set. Your subconscious mind is very trick-able.. Just what found putting relaxing classical music I get relax and it helped my social-anxiety…

The point is you can if you decide so. Put happy classes on, or I can do it classes and you will do it.. You can say yourself for writing down what you want be. Like: “You are pro-athlete!”. Subconscious-mind trust this, and it is true for that mind. You not need to trust it, you becoming to taking micro steps… School not teach that.. And yeah.. I will buy 1,5k and I need pass Tai’s offer.. I didn’t want do that..

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