Oh shit

I did my YouTube channel and I started to the afflient business. I put myself danger. I am excited and scared. I found that yesterday I went a shop. I was look like a bum. I don’t have anything. My teeth getting yellow, my hair is bad.. everything is old. My computer is old as I am..

In that shop, young woman watched me like that I am kind a shit. I feel defeated. I getting rot a way. I also asked girl out and she said no. And I found also she typed with someone else. And the Tiger not call me but yeah I wanted her as a girl friend. My I need stop to want anything. I am also very lonely.. very fuck up in my life. Although that girl said yes, but not today. So game is not over yet. But I get jealous that and went out that dating site, other words I deleted my account. The Rose-Pussy just teased me to showing her pussy sending me pussy pics.. and asking what I like. It’s mental abuse, I go crazy. I think that is the goal. So I am now alone. Just put everything in danger. That book called Anxious told that I need live the fear. Exact name of that book is Anxious: Using the Brain to Understand and Treat Fear and Anxiety

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