Oh no!

She is very hot young girl.. She want that I lick her pussy.. So wet talk and dirty talk – I love that. I am now insecure about my tongue. You know, training is everything and tongue is a muscle like anything else, so my ex-wife makes my tongue to steel and I recently read a book by cunnnilingus and there is very important topic, tongue-training. You must train your tongue every day because I myself love eat pussy hours, so my tongue need to be steel..

And I found that what is awkward; she wants me so badly and I am little bit scared about that. I am used to be that who try 100 to 1 ratio persuade with women, but very beautiful women wants me and chase me. I don’t know why.. My ex-gf buy me gasoline and give me her old clothes. But she was also mean and decreased my self-worth and make me feel bad, ugly.. but this girl, the rose-pussy; she made something that when she come back online my view of myself just changed; I think that I am just an old fart but that thinking just moved to that I am Princess. I don’t understand..

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