Oh no

I sitting on my couch and thinking my life. My gynecologist write those anti-androgens and those aren’t working on my body, I get serious side-effects which causes joint-crackling and I not just in a week cannot move anywhere, just lying on bed and moving very little in my house. I felt terrible. And I feel little bit pain in my lover side. Maybe a liver. I scare that my appearance went gone. Those drugs feminize me, so these aren’t working, so it also bad thing, but my condition drops down, and I feel sick and terrible is also very bad thing. I hope those side-effects go a way and I can go my ninja-training and also muscle training, cos you need muscles too if you are woman too. You get harder to kill. Them protects you from cancer and you recover anything if you have some muscle mass.

I feel very weak. I hope I get better soon.

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