Oh My God

She did it! She made me making decision. I mean Redhead. 24 years old beautiful girl, little bit chubby, but not bad at all.. she put me address and said follow me, or be square.. and disappeared at dating site. Giving me scarcity, urgency.. but but.. keep eye on ball.. I sensed trouble. Game like all-in with AK, or A8 or T5.. with speculative hand or very speculative hand.. I am very bad shape in financial things. I think I will get distracted by her if I follow her. My mind is more money oriented not woman oriented. My intuition says NO. STOP. It is doub-avoidance bias, I am like an animal who approach to new area but run a way, because senses a predator nearby.. this is similar what I get with Tai’s program, and him call. It is insane, silly feeling. You doup and avoid. My English again, doub is you fear if you not sure if predator strikes. Your senses are highly alert. You prefer avoid because you senses in your reptilian brain, there is better to escape.. also intuition is also might true, you feel something similar which said there is something which is wrong. Also my focus on game are also threaded. Also I getting old and this is the new opportunity to get eating pussy. But she looking for lifetime partner and I have doubts.. also my pussy needs to get out in the virginity. I feel very strongly bias called contrast bias.. I feel that surgery was a mistake and I have also bias to think that’s okay. It’s better now but my brain get biased to remembering that ol’ one.. I am now a virgin. I am not sure my pussy. I am super insecure..

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