My friend is my enemy

You should check out people around you.. my friend is what I called father is a manipulator, Machiavelli person. My brain is fucked up again. I need to fade away from him. I don’t know why I contacted to him. It’s like brain poop to make conversation with him.

I need to change how I treat him, I need use reward-punishment superresponse tendency. Give punishment to him. He knows everything but if I stand shoulders of the giants, I know what it’s true, he knows nothing.. he try to diminish me laughing when I speaks economic professor Kahneman, Cialdini and Charlie Munger. I know exactly what they told me. Tai Lopez said me, don’t try teach pig to fly, it’s bothers pig.

This helps me. Fade away X, eliminate X from your life.. don’t use no, don’t.. make it positive and easy to withdraw shits in your life. I used similar method to changing my thoughts about booze. You need manipulate you, making X to disappear in your life. Point is to use positive words to getting off bad person.. avoid word as no.. it’s good thing to withdraw poisonous people from your life, you feel better day by day.. time is healer. Let good people to come your life, let poisonous people to go away.. fade away from your life..

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