my five year goal

i am very fit, like sculpture. greyish aristocratic renessaince woman who is also adventurer, very rich, wealthy. I made my wealth with my brain. I have got hot Latina woman for my wife. she is so smart, gentle, understanding, she helped me to achieve my goals everything. she is very rich and famous woman who just fell in love in me in the first sight. she woman in my dreams, I have always have fantasy of rich wealthy woman who will take care of me and made me her house wife. she is my dream come true. she made my every dream come true. we have buildings everywhere in the world. in the Norway, north Norway.. Canada.. Brasil. summer cottage in the north Norway. North Canada also. Hawaii we have home. there we are. and also we went Finland now and then. but we love travel a lot and we love do extempore adventurous romantic and very sweet time together. she is really all I can imagine woman, very hot, younger, her mind is pure gold and her heart is very warm and she was really showed what the true love is and I live my dream now!

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