More metaphors

“All perception of truth is the detection of an analogy.” —HENRY DAVID THOREAU

Life is a mystery.. I love this metaphor!

I love also how my mentor Tai Lopez said one of him videos.. you need descripe yourself as a sculptor.. you knock chip by chip it better.. you not see immediately results but day by day it becomes better..

and I’m in winter right now.” The great thing is, if you adopt this metaphor, what always follows winter? Spring! The sun comes out, you’re no longer freezing to death, and all of a sudden you can plant new seeds. You start to notice all the beauty of nature, the new life and growth. Then comes summer. It’s hot, you tend to your little plants, and you nurture them so they don’t get scorched. Then there’s fall, when you get to reap your rewards. Sometimes it doesn’t work out—maybe a hailstorm destroys your crop. But if you trust in the cycle of the seasons, you know you’ll get another chance.” – Tony Robbins Awaken The Giant Within

I really love the metaphor that life is a game. I think it’s very beautiful game. I can play it well, improve myself. I am like an avatar, I can become wiser, stronger, more healthy.. more wealthy.. I can be like Lara Croft who are very stunning woman who is also adventurer.. Very fit.. also can go around a world.. seeing wonders of world..

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