Mono or poly

She is poly or something like that. I am not sure myself. I know as businesswoman I need to know that, but it is super hard question. Knowing thyself. That rose-pussy is super erotic and fuck with everybody, and I am now unsure myself, it is that something what I want my life. She gives me superhot pics for her as a gift. And I recently read book by Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion; and here was giving a gift is a trap, you get owned; want you that or not it is a psychological trap. And also I purchased book by Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex; and I found thinking of that sexual philosophy thing, that am I poly or mono.. Wanting sex is not wrong at all. It is a natural thing. Life changing books both, but when I start reading sex chapter and I found that I already knew, maybe wider knowledge is in my brain what I start to read. But that philosophy is the new thing to think and maybe I find something what I don’t know. But I get super interested by sexology when I met my first wife, I read a lot and I focus 100% with that; and I found that I know a lot; I don’t to want say that I am good, but I just wanted to know everything and give her best treat and maybe I did, she said, “There is the difference..” and she spoke the different universe… She seemingly lost something. I think why I am not find more about those books coz, I’ve got the woman and I just want know everything about her body. That is enough and when you know one, you can learn all, because every body is the journey. You need just know everything on her like the sexual context. The woman is the best teacher and she know best what she want, but when you know sexology then you know little bit better but she is always the queen. If she doesn’t like, you need find what she love and use those things against on she and do those as good as possible, becoming the best lover for her.. Just like a customer, it’s all about a customer and a customer is always right, It’s all about she, not you.

I am not sure that am I more mono who want just sex with one girl at time or poly who want all.

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