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Yeah. This is test with my android phone. I accidentally dropped a coffee cup on my laptop and it’s now impossible to use that machine. Do not ever ever drink coffee and etc near your laptop.. She is now gone. My ThinkPad. Maybe I can use mouse and keyboard system. But keyboard living own life.. And you know, I am poor as a shit. Back to the stone age.

I need order also 5 books on Amazon. Them are about 200 hundred bucks. But I get 10x and I understand the language of money more and what is that money is… It’s super important to start to understand what is money really is. So read. But I need spare more money and fix my castle when I get my car. And when it is okay then I can order those books. At now my money protects me, they are ready to fight. So when thread is gone, they will come back in the castle and their position of my defense. And I need wait when I get more money and with those money which are ready to educate me. Every penny has got their place. Those who is now available are my protectors. My car is now preparing at car repairs so they fix it back to the track and everything goes in the guarantee service because they make mistakes at first.. And I learn valuable lesson, always know your “enemy”. I didn’t know what was catalytic converter in car at first and that was a mistake. I studied it and found that they put in a catalytic converter which was not good. My former catalytic converter was better than the new one.. I found that when catalytic converter was doing reducing carbon monoxide and hydrogen carbons to making them as a carbon dioxide and an oxygen. And also I studied about what is lambda value of car exchauting systems. It is gasoline/air(oxygen) mixture value. So if lambda is over one then there is a leak in exchauting systems and if under then there is problem with catalytic converter because too much gasoline in the air, hydrogen carbons..

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