You need growth mindset. Read book called Gorilla Mindset. Read book called The Relentless. But mindset. I found that I getting frustrated to marketing and selling myself for women who looking for woman. I need trust my product fully. I can’t give up and think I am fuckin trans. I am but I am woman too. It is not negative thing to be transgender, it is who I am. Basically it means that I don’t have an uterus and things like that, ovaries etc which makes estrogen on bloodstream. It’s a harmful stereotype. I spoked by Latino girl, I also weared stereotype classes and saw her as a sexobject, hot Latina babe.. it’s also stereotype, all Latinos are hot and sexy.. they are, but also stereotype. So I need think to that I am woman. There’s a lot of women who are not look like a woman, but they have got at birth their uterus and ovaries. So I am trans and proud of it. Fuck the stereotype. Although I getting better on sales, when I get rejected. They not know what they lost.

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