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This is very powerful tool to inject trust yourself.. I do also so I put my refrigerator kind a post-it notes which tells me that I am multibillionaire, like “you are multibillionaire!”, “You are pro-athlete!”, “You have got six back!”,”You are black ninja!”, “You are in top condition!”.. I get an idea for women who said me when I told my life story to her, that I need to put everywhere post-it notes, where is text, ” You are bad ass!”. She was also little bit kinky, dominant to me that I need trust that, it’s an order.. so I oboe her and trusted, and those words penetrated in my brain.. I could stopped diazepam in cold turkey.. I was dependent for that, and I lived in benzo-hell.. I also see therapist too and that former pornstar babe helped me too.. the four riders, women.. because there is also the singer too, who Facebook friend I was.. and I oboe her too, submitted to her.. four lady Dominas.. the four riders.. they helped me.. I am grateful for that.. also that narcissistic ex-girlfriend which healed me to offering me her pussyjuice.. I lick it.. and I am healed of depression.. I think, kind a miracle.. maybe younger women pussies contains something which brings you back to the life.. that Lolita by the way, try to destroy me also. She attacked to me, my passion.. I feel totally cold inside how bad her is.. she fantasizing killing me, she was deadly serious about that.. and she showed me also her psychopath scores.. when I told that she was narcissistic personality, people doesn’t trust me, and they thought that she was young.. but what Charlie Munger said, your calculations etc is correct.. she showed to attacking to me that she is cruel.. I get mad, but I apologize her.. but she doesn’t.. Tai Lopez said me that some of him videos that psychopaths like hurting people, they feel good to say that you are not worth or something.. it’s revealed them..

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