Meaning of life

I recommend you to read book called Man’s Searching for Meaning by Viktor E Frankl. He was invented the logotherapy. Take away the book is you should find your ‘why’, and then you can find the how. If you not have the why in your life everything will feel desperate and meaningless. I by quote here also Charlie Munger by his Poor Charlie’s Almanack, word why, will open many Rosetta Stones.. you will find then answers like how… Ask yourself many times why.. Also Tai Lopez said me in his videos, the 67 Steps, how important is to asking by yourself, why. Also he and Munger spoke to topic of inversion, to thinking the problem with backwards and forwards. Lopez spoke chess like thinking, the end game. There’s so much information of my head what I get Tai Lopez and now what found Munger’s book and now I also get lot of golden nuggets of Frankl’s book. Read.. that’s the key, change your brain. I also purchased Tai Lopez cashflow system, it seems very good. But it is the real deal and I need to learn how to make taxing systems to work. It’s seems difficult for me at now. I am fucked up and I need to respect also season. I need to learn, become the learning machine, just what Tai Lopez teach, and also Charlie Munger. Develop the habit of continuous learning. Munger speak in his book, getting little bit wiser bed every day. Step by step your get a head.. not necessary of fast spurts.. Also Heidi Grant-Halvorson speak this in her book 9 things what successful people do different.. if I remember correctly name of her book, I highly recommend her writings, read them all. She use a term getting better every day. I give here to think my wisdom what I read in the tantra books.. the pleasure is what you collect when having sex, not chasing orgasm, they are only side things, they would come or not to come, your only goal of sex is concentrate on getting pleasure, collecting it in very big balloon, what grow up but not popup.. pleasure is the secret of good sex. Frankl also spoke this in his book. Also Tai Lopez. Not in what I said but you not happiness neither money if you focus to chasing it. So just what I said do not chase orgasm, like Lopez do not chase money. Frankl also spoke sex also, chasing orgasm is kind a hyperfocus which causes neurosis. You will lost it, if you chase. Tai Lopez used analogy of cat. You can’t chase cat. You need build circumstances for cat and then cat will come on your lap. Casanova use term being a flame not a moth. Women will come if you’re a flame.. or the right people too…

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