Maybe it’s a good book

Karl Marx was economist too. So people praise that book. Also there’s criticism too. Also I don’t like ism ended things like socialism, capitalism etc.. maybe I should wide my perspective. Also there is warn too, what I said, or Charlie Munger warned that you develop a gabbage-brain if you choose ideological viewpoint, it is better be a renessaince woman or renessaince man. Understand and know everything about something and a lot.. thinking you have got tools for everything, not only a hammer.

I read yesterday Grant Gardone words, selling is very important skill to learn. Life changing.. I agree.. I feel every book I read I found that I upgrading myself, my brain. I get instinctual stuff in my brain and I can use it right away.. just like selling, persuading, negotiation…. Also marketing.. compination of economics, human behaviour biology, psychology, etc I understand how our species works, called homo sapiens.. Know yourself and also forget your self, your ego.. I read The Black Swan book also, know unknowns.. The Umberto Eco’s unread library example of in that book. Knowing what need to know, or knowing unknowns..

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