I feel myself lonely. Since my ex-wife and my old friend who manipulated me, I feel terrible loneliness. I just sunk my thoughts and I literally lost my time and my sanity. I am different person with my gender which is very different versus others. I feel isolated and abandonment and nobody doesn’t like me who I am. My old friend reveals that he likes manipulating me and watching how I react. It was not nice at all. It is better just being with myself but I gone extreme and I feel so lonely. My ex-wife just cut me off of her life and I am sad. She was very nice girl and maybe girl of my dream. But I don’t, that rose-pussy is also very nice but I haven’t met her yet and I don’t really know her at sure who is she and what kind person she really is. I feel little bit getting rush on her but I she feel also wild girl too.

But yeah this loneliness is killing..

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