Lolita The narcistic

I made it now. I am not sure. I contacted her, my ex-girlfriend. I think she is a narcistic. My step-father is. Them have lots of similarities. I just feel warm and my feelings about her and those memories. She was everything what I want. Young, super hot. But yeah there is now another girl who just feel very good. I think I get similar effect when I found that Lolita. I fight back to chains which started to open completely. I just live my past, just happened when I found Lolita.

The new girl is taller than me. She felt just like injection in my veins when I spoke with her. I get bias, and I contacted Lolita. I think I said goodbye that way to her. I lived my past relationships just like I felt when I contacted from my ex-wife, when I felt love in Lolita.

Lolita is maybe narcistic or ego-centric teenage girl. She was 17 when we met at first. 18 she becomes when we dating. I felt that she has got similarities which are typical of narcissistic personality. I felt that I become like her slave. I felt shitty step by step. But I denied everything and I felt how I love her and get addicted from drama. But her age.. so young, so hot. But poisonous… I felt that I drowning and she just pull me to her superiority.. I just worshipped and getting mad. Just like Lolita book but this was my fantasy regarnation, young hot woman, who mess my brain. And she suggested that I need take contact from therapist that I told my feelings. But those was more goodbyes.. Tall girl is also younger than me. Not too much. Kind Lolita too.. maybe Redhead.. very cute, very beautiful. I don’t know.. Rose-Pussy.. she was poly and I am not, but she promised that I can lick everyone’s pussies and lot of pussyjuice.. I don’t know what a fuck.. but living together with too women. Younger.. I am confused. Lolita was similar too.. but she degraded me.. now Redhead seems to be very good. I felt instant, she is my new girl friend if I want.. very potential. Little bit similar feel what I felt with Lolita. Okay I felt instant chemistry with Rose-Pussy. I am confused..

Lolita is very bad girl. Young and super hot. Rose-Pussys mind is very erotic. And what becomes Redhead, I can’t say, she read my sexists text and that seems to be okay.. She is also very hot. Girly girl.. I love idea of Lolita, younger woman with lollipops. Redhead is super cute. Maybe very erotic too..

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